Living in Paradise

I was just thinking of what a paradise would look like. It hard to imagine one cause a paradise means it has to be perfect but there’s nothing perfect in this world which im okay with. Im not complaining cause I see that as a waste of time but living in peace could be really nice. A paradise would require us to not have people with mistakes and problems but a paradise would seem it would be a prison of lies and fear. I say having a society with issues and moral problems is better cause a can express our self and be tempted to become somthing of who we arnt to be. Peer pressure or being persuaded to do somthing u dont want to do is common and its not bad half of the time but its sure annoying. Human nature isnt perfect and its going to be that way for a long time and I say “enjoy it while it last” cause this is apart of life that u either accept and dont worry about or be a renegade and try to fix of what has already been broken. With stuttering or speech impemdement that can be challenging but it will be worth it cause its a huge achievement knowing that u wont let anyone put you down because of your speech or just you. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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