I’ve been absent from this blog for a while for a few reasons. I’ve done some travelling, work has been busy, but mainly, I haven’t had a problem or any interesting anecdotes about stuttering to expand on, so I thought I would leave you in the capable hands of the other members of this site. And you have not been disappointed.

I do have one stuttering story to tell though. I went on a safari to Kruger National Park in South Africa last month. The fourth time I’ve done a safari. Before I leave the Middle East I’d like to do another one as well. I’m an addict; I can’t get enough of them. I’ve always loved the outdoors and animals so it’s a perfect vacation for me. The next one I might try for some place different though. Mix it up a little bit I guess. Anyways, moving on …

I had a couple of nights in Johannesburg after the safari and I was staying with friends I used to work with in Saudi Arabia. I hadn’t seen them for a few years, and besides the occasional chat on Facebook, we don’t really talk much. But that’s okay too. Sometimes you can have a great relationship with someone you don’t really speak to. When I told them I would be in Johannesburg, they didn’t give me the option of staying at a hotel. And I don’t need my arm twisted if it means saving money and getting at least one home-cooked meal.

While on the safari itself, I had many interactions with many different people during the six days. There were times when I didn’t say much, preferring to let the environment do all the talking, but when I did open my mouth, I wasn’t required to string together too many consecutive sentences so the chances of my mouth moving faster than I wanted weren’t too high.

I’m with my friends after dinner on the Wednesday night. I flew back to Dubai the next day. The kids have been put to bed and we’re just sitting around having a few drinks and talking about everything under the sun. I remember a story that happened in Saudi just after they had returned to South Africa and I start to tell it. As the story reaches its climax, I trip over a few words in my excitement to “WOW” them with the finale. I apologize and say I have a slight stutter. Before I can continue the story, the wife looks at me and simply says, “So?”

So? I love that. The older I’ve become, the more people I find with this attitude to my stutter (among other things). So. Two little letters that mean much more.




5 thoughts on “So

      1. ::Chuckles:: Good for you. Telling your stories is important, no matter how they get there.

        Thought I have no limitations, I actually love learning from those who have overcome challenges like you have. Because it helps keep me from getting a swelled head or becoming biased for no reason. (Someone who proves they deserve it to me personally? That’s another story.)

        Thank you for your post.

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