I realized that there has been a number of oppertunity that has been happening to not just to me but to my amigos. I notice there really random but happen at the most unexpected moments and when they happen it just depends on your Patience and determination. I wouldnt say they happen often but they sure do change your life and this change can be a job or a person. Perdicting things dont usually workout good cause there is a 80 percent chance that it might not happen and that can disappoint you, but being patient is the key “you shall wait and you shall recieve”. Most say thats sketchy or odd cause how can you prove it? Well it works but its kind of a work of nature “so to speak” but it works and a lot of people do it and dont realize it. Oppertunity are made up in moments and these are happening every second to the point were ur blind to see them coming but it all starts with u taking that first step but dont sweet it, you got all the time in the world. Taking on a moment takes major confidence and in doing so you will become a champion or a hero in your own image and playing it safe is good in life but sooner or later your going to have to bend the rules to get what u want. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Opportunitys

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