Scholarship Hunting

Today I spent most of my day balancing scholarship submissions, free-lance writing opportunities, and reflecting on my awesome trip with my dad to Victoria BC (which I’m almost done with). As the title suggests I’m hunting for scholarships both big and small to help pay for college, or at least some of it. I enjoy writing and experimenting with new styles and ways to express myself. This post will be short and sweet as I’m working on two posts at the same time, I know multitasking is great right!

Below is a link to my profile, where I would like you to take just a few moments to vote for me. Every vote counts and you have my full permission to share this with all your friends, family, and colleagues. I rarely do these types of posts but I really really want this scholarship. My family and I are tightening the belt because my classes are getting more challenging and the expenses are increasing with each quarter. Thank you for your time and help I truly appreciate it.

Here’s the link to vote for me



8 thoughts on “Scholarship Hunting

  1. If you haven’t already discovered it, look for fastweb.com. As a fellow college student, I usually have 6 or more possible scholarships show up every day. I’m still able to take advantage of my school’s financial aid, so haven’t actually chased any of the scholarships, but once you have your account set up take a look. Also, I think there may be some other cross links to other free scholarship search sites.

    If you have already found the site, feel free to disregard.

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      1. Glad I could be of a little help. If I understand the site properly, I think they have country specific stuff as well as scholarships that are open to a more general audience. So, be sure to read the info before you answer.. it is a lot like any general job board. But, a good resource, none the less.


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