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Ghost Tour


Walking along a narrow street at night

The darkness would cause anyone fright

Nervousness creeps in

You see a shadow

It’s probably nothing

You continue walking

But you feel someone lurking

You turn around

No one is behind you

You continue with the ghost tour

You walk through an abandoned hotel

You feel your phone vibrating

You check it

Power is off

You put it back in your pocket

It starts to move up out of your pocket

What could this be?

A ghost

Or something else

Maybe we shouldn’t ask

Do you believe in ghosts?

– James


7 thoughts on “Ghost Tour

  1. wonderful picture. Was this one you took?

    As for believing in them.. most definitely! May have to put up a post about the barn dance I (literally) ran across while I still lived in Texas. Was a very interesting night!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes that was taken with my camera, I’ve been to England many times around the castles and old battlegrounds. Ghosts always seem to know where to find me. However they’re a bit camera shy lol but ya send me the link to your post so I can hear your ghostly tale!

      – James


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