Worrying Ruins The Peace

Its kind of hard not to worried because its literally coded into are DNA. Sometimes its hard to resist the urge to worry but its possible and the most easy way is right there in front of you. Staying calm usually works and remembering that tomorrow is always a new day, so why ruined tomorrow if its a new day. Somtimes I had days were my stuttering was just awful, and I would worry if rhe next day would be worse from the next, that only happened cause I kept on expecting it, but I changed my attitude and I was improving and I gained a lot more confidence. Why bring yourself down when you can motivate yourself to do somthing or improve. Now worrying or stress is sometimes good cause your giving somthing that is important a piece of your mind or thought but dont dwell on it or you might go crazy. Life didnt come with instructions so worrying is a daily thing,but thats cool. I love challenges. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!


One thought on “Worrying Ruins The Peace

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