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Victoria BC: Land of ghosts

This past weekend my father and I went on a trip to Victoria BC. We haven’t been to Canada since I was very little.

We decided to take the ferry. Since my dad is retired Navy I feared my sea legs wouldn’t sprout fast enough causing me to get sea-sick, but thanks to Dramamine I didn’t. Two and a half hours later we were greeted by sun, tourists, and locals. Once settled in our hotel room, we went exploring.

My feet are killing me!

Never did it occur to me that I would be walking a lot, my dad pushed the pedal to the metal when we had only two days. He should really think about opening a fast-paced tour guide service through downtown BC with the slogan, “You want to see everything, well hurry it up”. I haven’t walked that much in a LONG time, good think I’m fit. We walk into a few pubs, have some snacks, and a few drinks. While we were walking amongst the masses, my dad told me that there were loads of girls around my age looking at me. I honestly had no idea, maybe because I’m used to my introverted behavior or appearing introverted. Of course as the night went on I gradually become more sociable, I even had a stimulating chat with a half-Chinese half-Native college student. Boy did he talk my ear off.

Time to get Ghost-ified…

Yes I went on a ghost tour. I couldn’t tell if it was because BC is one of the most haunted places in western Canada, or if it was all in my head. All I know is I had some perspiration on my forehead. I’ll give you an example:

We walk through the entryway to an abandoned hotel, which we discover later was a brothel. Underneath the floorboards (yes I used a Poe pun) are numerous skeletons that archeologists aren’t sure who they are or belong to. So I’m sitting in the back because that’s where most of the paranormal activity takes places and my phone vibrates. I check it, it’s turned off. I turn my attention back to the speaker and I feel my phone sliding up out of my pocket.

Yup I’m definitely mad.

– James



9 thoughts on “Victoria BC: Land of ghosts

      1. I grew up in Alberta, James. We used to go to BC a lot, but mainly stayed in the national parks near the Alberta border camping and fishing and stuff.
        I have relatives in Ontario too. Funnily enough, most of the people I work with in Dubai have relatives in Ontario as well.


          1. Depending on her era, 25 would still be considered young. It wasn’t until “modern” medicine really caught up to most of the illnesses associated with aging that centurians began to alter this concept. Now, someone may still be considered “young” well into their 40’s.


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