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Trying New Things

try something new

This quarter at college I’m doing things a little differently. Yes I’m still taking Math and Chemistry, but now I’m taking Sociology. This post will be shorter.

My day started off with Math at 8 am. All we did was go over what’s expected of us, and what we have for homework. So a typical math class.

As I reached my sociology class, I found a seat at the front and had a feeling we were going to do introductions. I was right on the intro part, but didn’t know we had to explain why we were taking this class. I’m the lucky one to go first, I say my first name easily but my last name took a little bit to work through. My reason for being in the class was I wanted to learn how our environment influences our thinking, and how perceptions of the world can be viewed through differing beliefs. My public speaking class was actually starting to pay off, the instructor asked me if I read through the book yet. I smiled and said of course I love to read! The remaining time was spent going over what we’ll be discussing in class.

First day back at college went rather well. However, just to let all of you know if I don’t post during my regular intervals (Monday and Friday) it’s because of homework or I’m studying.



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