Well through the past days I have been talking to this girl these past days and its been actually going smooth and I would try to figure it out but I’m just going to let it go and I’m just going to go with the flow. I know that sounds sketchy but she is awesome but its strange cause I never met girl like her so I’m intrigued.  My stuttering isn’t a problem for her and that’s pretty cool. Obviously I’m focusing on my school work but its awesome to have someone there to talk too and chill with and that seems like a nice life to me. The surprising thing is that she has a little girl but when she told me, I was okay with it. The fact that it didn’t scare me, kind of scared me if you understood that. It just proves im maturing, I guess opening doors for her and holding her umbrella changes you a little but its a good change and I like it in a way.She is one of a kind and she has a great laugh. She told me her past but I kind of admire her for that cause it showed me that she is all about honesty. Also her little girl is really cute and she has a adorible smile or i call it the “what face” but that dosent scare me away but makes me want to know more about her.I might be a dreamer or being a little sarcastic but Im just telling the truth. She is the girl that I have been waiting for so many many years.As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!


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