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Sociology: Broadening horizons and discovering potential

 Sociology allows us to see things from a different viewpoint. What others may see as odd or unusual, others will see as normal. Today in my sociology class we discussed theories and current issues that we are facing/dealing with. Although I’m not all the way comfortable to start participating in class discussions, it’s still interesting to see how others interpret events.

No exams just discussion

 When our instructor announced this nearly everyone in the class was waiting for a April Fool’s or tom-foolery, but it was the truth. No multiple choice, true/false, or fill-in-the-blank just our interpretations of what we’re learning in class. Our weekly assignments are all online, so we can engage in discussions with our peers via chat room. I enjoy conversing in chat rooms, even though it’s a get-out- of-jail free card for speaking. I try to use Skype video calls when I can, which gives me the opportunity to see myself speak. Granted when I see myself stuttering it feels very strange, like I’m in third person or something.

Opening doors

Sociology is starting to open doors for me that I wouldn’t thought of otherwise. Before class ended today we were told our final is going to be a project, I’ll discuss more on that when I get more information until next time! 🙂

– James


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