Well im still talking to the one girl and its going greats!!! Even though it has been the second week, I’m still learning some things about her. At times its hard to understand but she actually takes her time to explain it to me. She told some stuff about her daughter and I get a good feeling whenever she tells me and I like it. We had a conversation about her and I was telling her how she is different from that the other girls, she thought I was being fake but I told her the truth of how I think she is different and she was happy to hear it….I could compare me and her to the actors on PSYCH.

The main actor Shaun is a little of a underdog and the other main actor is Juliet and they come from different worlds but somehow are the same when they come together. Me and her are different but where the same. It sounds a little cliche but when its true. Some one asked me if I liked her?  Well I didn’t answer cause I had to define the question. So I broke it down. Do I respect her? Do I see her as she is but not by her looks? Will I be there for her,  through the bad and good? I say yes but I still want to know more about her before proceeding with that but for I’m just going with the flow. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


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