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Sociology: The start of the Final Project

Sociology: Final Project  Yes you heard it right, already talking about a final project after the second week of college. You’re probably wondering what is this project I’m talking about, and what I’m doing it on? I’m glad you asked. Our final project is to find an organization that we’re passionate about, plus we have to demonstrate with some evidence how this organization uses the ideas in our sociology class.

So many choices…

 For me numerous organizations such as: NSA, WCWA, ACB, and DVP (all non-profit by the way), all became known to me and after starting this blog with my friends. The biggest deciding factor I was on the fence about was whether or not my paper will be about a for-profit or non-profit. I choose the latter. Then an idea hit me like a freight train, sorry my humor is a bit dry sometimes.

A question

 I discussed with my sociology professor on Friday, after he shared with the class his back story about his blog. I explained to him that, “I have a stuttering advocacy blog where me and my friends share our experiences and stories, even though our blog isn’t a certified non-profit we really enjoy what we are doing and we’re starting to make an impact on the WordPress community. Would it be okay if I use our blog for the final project?” He replied, “Of course, I can see by how you described your blog’s purpose why you created it and how it helps empower others with sharing experiences, but also being able to connect with multiple people from all over the world in seconds.” Now I know for sure what I’ll be writing my paper on.

 As a side note, I asked my professor about doing an honors project in addition to the regular coursework. Since I’m in the honors program I have to do projects in a Math, English, Science, and a Humanities class and sociology has really peaked my interest. Not sure what I will be doing for the honors project as of now, however I have some social experiments we did in my psychology class in high school that I could but go the sociological approach on.

Update on my sociology paper. If you would like to read it click here.

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