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Moving on Up

Well I just did something brave that a few guys would do. I got the girl a present for her daughter and yea the bag was pink but I didn’t care. A man sometimes has to do the most odd things to show that they care or help out. We also hugged and that was pretty AWESOME!!!!!!!! and not just because I was nervous but I did something out of the box and it felt good. Now to her personality and character, I like it. She doesn’t like being smothered or touched but I think she is comfortable around me and well I am comftorable around her, but this week has been full of twist and turns. Another thing is that she is not use to be going out in public places or hanging out, I didn’t ask her out but I just told her that I hangout with a friend. I think if we hangout and have some real fun than she will be less stressed or worry and I could get to know her better but know the wildside of her too lol because she is like a song, you can listen to her for hours but you will always be interested and intriguing to know more. I told some guys about her and they think she is just another girl who got knocked up by a guy, that is NOT TRUE and I stop talking to them, yea she does have a little beautiful girl but she is a totally different from any girl I have met or talked too, I like that about her because she is completely honest and that’s hard to find now in days. Well I could go on and on about her but to simply put it, she is incredible….boooomm goes the dynamite. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!


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