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Ask for help

 Everyone has those moments where they can’t do it alone, so we ask for help. For many people myself included, asking for help is seen as being weak or not knowing the information. Actually it’s not. No one gets through life alone, that’s why we have friends and family to help us along the way. For those that think otherwise, why do most college campuses have tutoring services for free? This past week I’ve been pushing myself to ask questions (particularly in my math and science classes) so I remember the information being taught.

Writing and helping others

 I’ve been exploring different opportunities to help pay for school. One was being a writing consultant. I love to write about anything, anywhere, anytime (sounds like I have an obsession).

 What is a writing consultant?

 From my knowledge its someone who is proficient in writing, able to converse ideas both verbally and on paper, and suggests ways on how to approach a paper. This would be an awesome job for me, plus they work around your class schedule. I would really enjoy helping people hone in on their skills as a writer. I’ve been looking into freelance writing as well but not sure where to go, anyone have any suggestions?

 Asking for help is perfectly acceptable no matter the reason. If you don’t ask for help you won’t learn why your mistake was wrong. This is something that I’m continually working on. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

– James


2 thoughts on “Ask for help

  1. Freelance writing is tough. There are lots of online databases to join, but like most things, you’ll practically have to write for free to develop any sort of patronage and get referrals. e-Lance is one that a lot of people use.

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