The Struggles



Im not in any kind of struggle really, I just needed a title for this post but other than that life has been a mystery to me lately. Im still talking to the girl and stuff and its all going good but the weird stuff is my everyday schedule. I took a quiz and got 100 percent without looking up for notes and it was in 20 secs and the other time when I was walking to class and I see the same Damn squirrel following and I actually touched the he/she and it didn’t bite me.. it was a miracle or the right moment. I can say that lady fortune is looking upon me or whatever. Probably all these years of me being nice and kind is finally paying off but that dissent mean I should stop…I still got to spread the love around. Also I got a few friends who are funny and awesome to be around. Also making mistakes is happening frequntley for me but atleast im learning at a young age and im not letting it affect of who I am as a person. F.A.I.L: First Attempt In Learning. An abbreviation which is very true and a strong message. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “The Struggles

  1. Thank for the new outlook on the word “FAIL.” Needed that one today, as I have a test in a few hours. First test with this professor didn’t turn out as good as I needed. This is a chance to make it up. With the new idea in mind, I might actually be able to chase away the test anxiety from this class.

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      1. Got through it, and I think I actually did very well. this one definitely didn’t feel as bad as the first one. (Maybe because I prepared differently? Not sure.)

        thanks for the good wishes.


          1. Between running across this thread before I faced down that particular tiger, and a wonderful e-mail I bumped into before I logged off to leave, I was able to face the test with an extremely relaxed mind and wonderful attitude. (Honestly, it could have been storming fit to flood, erupting a new mountain, and the prairie on fire, and it would have been a good morning. These two pieces came together in that type of synergy.) Wonderful way to face a test, let me tell you!

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