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During these past two weeks my sociology class has been doing lots of small group activities. These include; discussions, videos, and material presented to the class. However it presents more challenges for me personally.


The first time we merged into groups of 5-6, I was shocked to find everyone already in groups. I was now the elephant in the room. Thankfully a classmate offered me to join their group, which was comforting. After we watched a few videos, we discussed amongst our groups what our thoughts were. At first no one said a word, as we all sat there waiting to see who would go first. I then took the leap of faith.


I explained my thoughts/opinions on the video we just watched and everything seemed fine, until I felt my throat tighten and my nerves rising faster than a flood. I looked around the group to see if anyone was paying attention, considering it was loud with everyone taking all at once. Nope. Everyone had their full attention on me, and they were actively listening. Well that’s nice 🙂

What’s new?

This week we are talking about economics. Yesterday we discussed how wars have/are effecting various regions. This was my chance to push my boundaries. Once we got back into our groups, I noticed a change in my participation. I was actively engaging in dialogue with the group, asking thought-provoking questions, and providing my knowledge of past and ongoing wars. In summary I was in my zone.

– James


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