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Courage and Intimidation

On Saturday I refereed a U-18 game, where we didnt have a full crew (one center referee and two assistant referees). At that moment I was in a panic. I know that I’m older than these players but, its intimidating. These players are only a year younger than me. Our game was set to begin in just under 15 minutes, so we had to choose who was going to do what.

Before we could decide the coaches come over to us, “Hello gentleman, we know you don’t have a full referee crew so, both myself and “Bob” have decided that the center will be the older of you two”.

The next level


After I grabbed my center referee equipment and handed the flag to my assitant, we checked the teams in. Only one thing was apparently different about this game, it was co-ed match. Well thats a first. After getting through both teams’ rosters/player cards, it was time to start this carnival ride.

Let the odds be ever in your favor

The game begins and right away I notice this isnt a little bunch-ball kids game. This is a serious straight up football match. The real pasion was oozing out of every player. The ladies held their own against the lads and I only had to give one yellow card for a silly tackle. Once the final whistle blew, both coaches shook hands with us and said to me, “You sir did a very good job officiating today’s match, you just have to be a little more assertive.” Yes that’s something that I’m continually working on.

– James


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