The Night of Warriors


The title might seem a little dramatic but its halloween so its time to lay back and chill. Yea its a time of screa mms s and giggles but if u read in between the lines, its people dressing as there favorite hero’s, villains, or TV show actors. A chance to become someone else. That might sound weird or odd but the pro about it is that ur becoming something the YOU desire to be. Also its night or midnight and that is when confidence is in the air. Probably because most peop ‘ll e arec tired and they dont simply care but its a good feeling. Why do you think all the crazy stuff happens at night, its like being yourself in your room but ur outside and yes you dont have to use ur phone to entertain yourself because its just a machine to give or let you see stuff, its not life. But back to the topic, let ur crazy selves show on halloween and be a creep but not in a odd way. As always stay Toasty my friends and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! And stay safe out there


2 thoughts on “The Night of Warriors

  1. When our children and grandchildren were small, we let them dress up and “be someone else” anytime they chose to. I even made fancy dress costumes which they used for putting on shows and all sorts of things. Long flowing silk scarves, helmets, capes, ball gowns and the like were all part of the whole. We never took them out on Halloween night to beg for candy. We taught them that begging was base.


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