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Auburn Veterans Day Parade

Auburn Veterans Day Parade
Photo Credit KOMO News:

 On Saturday I had the privilege to march in the Auburn Veterans Day Parade. Our unit the Irish Jasper Greens were unable to attend, so my father and I fell in with the 1st Texas. We arrived at the designated meeting area before 9:30 am and checked in. Afterwards we practiced Hardee’s manual of arms. Being with a Irish unit, we found ourselves going back to Gilham’s manual of arms, since that was what the Irish used. After what seemed like an eternity the parade began with various military and civilian groups leading the way.

Load, Ready, Aim, Fire!

Loading my musket was easy, the only problem was when I would retrieve a new cap my fingers wouldn’t pinch the sides. Thereby making me slower on my reload time. As the marching pace quickened, the competition between Rebel and Yankee grew even if there was nothing said. On a few occasions we were able to get a perfectly timed volley which made the crowd go into a frenzy. The beat of the drums helped me concentrate more on safely loading and not about speed. After rounding the corner and forming lines, our leaders congratulated us on a job well done and for representing the WCWA (Washington Civil War Association).

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day or Remembrance Day. For those of you who have this day off, I want you to thank a veteran. When you see a veteran tomorrow shake their hand and thank them for what they’ve done, because it was with their sacrifice and determination that we are able to have our freedom.

Thank you veterans,


4 thoughts on “Auburn Veterans Day Parade

    1. Thanks Geraint, every 11th of November we find my great grandfathers picture and his story. He was in the boiler room of a warship and they were hit by a torpedo men screamed and panicked but my great grandfather said, “Men its been an honor but no soldier or sailor need to fear death, because death comes for us all.” The captain said they could hear them praying and loading weapons.

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