Instincts are a very special feeling that nobody really knows or notices. I had a instinct that has been like a mocking bird in my head. The girl that I have been writing about, I really like her and not in a cliche way or in the movies. Yea it has been nearly 2 months of me talking to her and it there had been some bumpy roads because of the homework and stress but its been awesome. Also on another thing, she told me about her past and here is what I have to say about it. I dont care what she did, who she used to be, and where she came from.

All I care about is who she is now and I like the stories she tells me about her daughter and they have been really funny and cute. The reason why im saying this is because at the end of the quarter im going to tell her how I feel about het, might be the 2nd craziest thing I have done but I see it as a moment or a opportunity and some say that once you see a opportunity take it because u never want to regret it. Might as well do something courageous instead of being that guy who is always quiet or holds in there emotions. I find her attractive, not just for looks but for her personality and sense humor. Seriously she is funny when she trys to be serious and I have no idea how im going to do it because I never been 100 percent honest with a girl and she has friends who are guys and they proably like her or talk to her more than me, so I might be doing something over my head but im tired of fear controlling my decisions,so I might crash and burn but atleast I will go out with style 😀 .

Also instead of calling her THE GIRL, her name is actually Myleea. As always stay toasty my friends and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!


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