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Angry Coaches mean Angry Players

Oh yes.

 Two weekends ago I had to center referee two very competitive boys matches, who just so happened to be rival teams.

The Angry Player

 My first game I refereed was a rivalry between Kent United and Seattle United. Which meant it was going to be a grudge match. The boys started off very well, playing the ball and not flopping on the ground. This changed in the last 15 minutes of the game. Player #11 from Seattle United started to become more aggressive because surprise surprise, his team was losing. He committed two fouls which I warned him if he does it again he will be booked. This didn’t register with him apparently, because five minutes later he shoved a defender down to the ground. Well he just booked himself a one-way-ticket to “Cautionville”.

Excuse me what did you say?


 There’s no secret that what a coach says or does in a game, reflects upon his/hers players. I should know, I’ve been in their cleats before. I’ll skip the second games recap of the first half as it was 4-0, with the losing coach hollering the whole time for fouls. In the 65th minute of the match (out of 70) Player J commits a foul on a defensive player, and is furious that I called it. Player J then walks up to me and says, “F*ck you referee!” I was shocked. Now I had no choice but to give him a caution, even though I could’ve sent him off. Just another day at the office.



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