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Prayer in C

The title is off of a song but as always, there is a meaning behind it. The song is mostly relaxing and chilled. I listen to it if I get the wrong feels or too much anxiety. Surprisingly my stuttering is calming down, but I sort of missed it. Its like my odd sidekick and it has helped me bypass a lot of issues and problems. Stuttering might be the sloppy part of me but I like it. You can’t truly love yourself unless you like the good and bad of you. That might sound a little cliche but its the truth.

I can also say that being bold is not my strong point, Im really quiet unless I really like talking to someone, then all that shy and anxiety goes out the window. The mind is strong and holds the power of making you say or do stuff without you even realizing it, its really awesome and fascinating. Just like leaders, be living in yourself and a good heart can get you pretty far in life to the point where others look at you as a example. Nobody’s perfect but u can be that person that somebody needs because were all connected but in diffrent ways. Well as always stay toasty my friends and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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