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The Calm Before the Storm

calm before the storm

The storm of finals is fast approaching.

The only classes that I really have to study for are math and chemistry. My sociology final is a 750-1000 word paper, which I can do that in about two days. This quarter has provided me with new-found confidence in my math skills. Growing up I wasn’t really to good at or fond of it, however since my math correlates with my chemistry (especially conversions) its enjoyable and dare I say fun! Even my test scores are becoming better and the information I’m learning ties into my major.

Speaking of test scores…

Today I’m very happy (no pumped) to say that not only did I ace my chemistry test, I also got an A on my math test! OH MY GOD AHHHHHH!! Sorry about that. Here’s to continuing good fortune and positivist. I hope everyone is enjoying their relaxing week/weekend before the chaos of Thanksgiving and Christmas steamroll over us.



4 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. This is how college was for me. I thrived in that atmosphere. My grades were always good, but it was nice to do more by taking more classes. Most semesters I took 21 hours and just couldn’t seem to get enough.

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