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December 7th, 1941

Decmber 7th, 1941

A bright and warm day in Hawaii

The peace and tranquility were numbing

No one expected anything was amiss

Boats were docked in the calm harbor

Planes roared overhead but were assumed to be allies

Little did they know that was far from the truth

As the hours passed spotters say planes in formations

They thought nothing of it

Then the bombs dropped

Everyone was in complete shock

The Japanese had just attacked Pearl Harbor

Many lives were lost on this day

Some of us were even their to witness it

War is a terrible thing

Today will be remembered by all

A date which will live in infamy

– James


2 thoughts on “December 7th, 1941

  1. I remember that day and all it meant. It changed the world and eventually brought and end as a was 10 years old. My cousin was due to visit us and his leave was cancel and he never made it back to the states. Roosevelt talk to the nation on the radio and I can still hear say “This Day Will Live In Infinty.


    1. I’m so sorry about the loss of your cousin, you have my deepest sympathies. My great granfather was on a british submarine when he heard the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Many of the new recruits were crying and praying because many of them were born in America. Our world was forever changed by this event.

      – James

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