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Feeling relieved and stress-free

feeling relieved and stress-free

I knew I had already passed my chemistry and sociology classes, because the instructors told me my grade I got in the class. Math however, was still unknown which made me become very nervous and worrisome. Math hasn’t really been my strong side, and I still find myself struggling from time to time. This quarter I made it my goal to go to the MRC (Math Resource Center) and got help on problems or concepts I didn’t understand. If the tutors couldn’t help me, then I went to my professors office hours and he helped explain it more clearer. This helped me in the long run not just in the class, but also with my stress levels. I just found out a few minutes ago that I passed all of my classes for college this quarter! Now I can relax for my rectification for my soccer referee badge tonight.

I wanted to ask you a question as I wrap-up. Would you mind if I posted my sociology paper, it’s about this blog and how much we’ve our blog has grown and how we’ve been able to help and inspire people from all around the world? If so just say “yes” in the comments and I’ll post it.

Thank you,



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