You Get out What You Give In

Random act of kindness is a very rare thing to see now in says due to all the problems and issues on the world. Yet there are some people who care for others than themselfes, and I am one of those people and yet I get pushed with bad news or negativity, I dont let that change of who I am. That saying that goes “bad things happen to good people” I think that happens to test if your really the nice or thoughtful person and it pays off at the end because behind all of the darkness there is a light shining through the other end and having that state of mind symbolizes the person is strong willed and won’t let anything bring them down. Heroes and leaders follow this philosophy and become known in history. So im just saying to all of you is to stay as you you are and dont let anyone change you because the only way someone can change is by there own will. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!! Sorry for me not posting for a while but fear not, im back!!!


One thought on “You Get out What You Give In

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