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The Final Paper

Here’s my final paper from my sociology class, hope you enjoy it!

Topic: Choose a organization or one that you’re currently part of, and explain how its impactful to you and the community.

The organization that is the most impactful and inspirational to me is one that I started as a blog. Our organization is called Westutterandwedontcare and is on WordPress, where we’ll be celebrating our one year anniversary on December 23rd. We are beginning to make an impact around the world and are gaining popularity in the community.

What started as a way to connect with people from around the world and share stories, I realized that I had an opportunity to give a voice to the voiceless. Our main goal is to educate everyone about stuttering and its many different forms, because we all don’t stutter the same way. We’ve all been through tough times, and we sometimes feel were the only ones with this problem. Our mission is to help others with our stories and experiences. We offer support, advocacy, and inspiration to everyone who needs assistance. When we first started, it was just me writing posts about how my stuttering has affected and improved my outlook on life. I started to attract a small community of bloggers. This community quickly grew from 10-12 followers the first week to 20-40 the following week. One day after I finished writing a post, I got my first comments. Chris Sterry said our site is, “making a major difference in the WordPress community” (About Us) and has allowed a blogger by the pseudonym KG to share her own personal experiences with stuttering (A note of thanks). Shortly after my first week of being a blogger, I started getting offers from people who wanted to write for me. They wanted to talk about their own experiences with stuttering and how it’s influenced their lives. I was shocked people wanted to write for me, especially since I was still new. In the beginning it was just me, now my blog was a collaborative blog with three others who share their own experiences to the world. The response has been nothing but positive.

Our blog is inspiring people all over the world. Blogging has opened the possibility of doing something that can lead to real change. In the early days of our blog, we came across several young bloggers who said that they’ve told their speech pathologist about our blog, and what it stands for. I was also recognized at Highline College as, “the stuttering advocate”. That to me was the greatest feeling I’ve ever had. To be able to see and hear your work being transferred all around you, is a true blessing to behold. This made me realize that what we were was putting out into the world was being received, and that people are enjoying the content that were producing and relating with it as well.

In just one year we have seen several of our posts reach very high standards. Our first popular post was, “Finals Week: Pull Hair Out or Relax?” this resonated with college students about finals week. However this was also popular with non-college bloggers too, as they could remember how they felt during finals week. The next popular post was actually a page. The first page I created in the blogs infancy was the About Us page. People started commenting on how they really liked our approach to stuttering not solely focusing on the negative aspects of it. We were embracing our stutter and using it to our advantage and providing encouragement so that others would begin to accept their speech. As days turned into weeks a few bloggers started to share our posts on popular social media sites such as; Facebook, Twitter, and Redditt. The most widely shared article is “Trying New Things”. Social media has a great impact on our blog, and I was shocked at how many people were using the power of social media to their advantage. This created a more open forum for all where anyone can say what they want, either on the blog or on other social media platforms.

This blog began with a small community and few conversations. Now we’re being becoming known to the WordPress community and our subscribers are growing daily. Sociology has helped me understand that blogging is in fact a very powerful tool, in that it brings the entire world together as one. This organization is still young but the potential that we have is infinite. Many young and aspiring leaders have or at one point maintained a blog to help bring attention to their issues, where they used their blogs as a way to springboard their mission. Blogs bring change not just on a state or national level, but on a global level. I’ve enjoyed this years’ experience with seeing how our blog’s grow and accomplish in just our first year. We are a young organization that is committed to providing relief and comfort to our ever-changing world. We are giving a voice to the voiceless and will continue to help everyone no matter where they may be.


WordPress –

Westutterandwedontcare –

About Us –

Trying New Things –

A note of thanks –

Finals week: Pull hair out or Relax? –


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  1. Wow!!! I am so glad to read this, James. Congratulations and Thank you so much. Here is to influencing more and bringing a change. And advance congrats on your blog anniversary too.

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