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Out with the old in with the new

Happy New Year

Last year had its ups and downs, but I’m looking forward to what this year will bring us. Two days ago I got an email from my college saying that I’m halfway to completing my degree, which is an awesome feeling let me tell you! Last night I spent New Years Eve with my family, and had some fun playing and Skyping with my friends on the Xbox One. Today we’ll be relaxing watching some American football, and putting away the Christmas decorations. As far as my stuttering goes it’s off and on. Sometimes its really bad, for example last night I was talking to Clonejill and I was having a really tough time with my words (probably because it was past midnight). Nonetheless, we still cracked jokes and busted out laughing every now and then. All and all, as I reflect on 2014 there were both good moments and bad moments, but dwelling on the past isn’t healthy or very fun. How was your New Years Eve do anything fun and exciting?

– James


6 thoughts on “Out with the old in with the new

  1. I stayed home and watched GI Jane. Today, I spent a lot of time helping people who have questions about MSA, which is what my brother passed away from this year. Congrats on being half-way through your college. It will all be worth it in the end!!! Enjoy your break!

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