Surprising Things

It all started in my English class of me talking to everyone and we were talking about some crucial topics. I wanted to share my opinion because everyone else was giving good examples and stories so I wanted to join. I started talking and yea I stuttered a little but the surprising thing that there was 2 people who were snickering right next to me because I was stuttering. There was a girl who sat diagonal from me and she spoke up and said to the guys “what u guys are laughing about is disrespectful and u should be ashamed of yourselfes. Also the girl in front of me said ” you too should grow up and you should apologized” it just surprised me of how much people care and how they barely know me but they got me back and are whole class was pretty pissed off but its all good know, it just shows that stuttering is no secret  and people truley support it. As always stay stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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