So my English class is like a psychology class but I dont mine. Im more interested about are lessons in the class is pretty interesting and really awesome. And the teacher is really entering and funny, we mostly learn on depth how choices have a positive and a negative in your everyday     life and sometimes you have to take that difficult road to get the good results. Yea its hard and it might almost break you but you got to be strong and you must be live that u can get through it. Most of us dont think about this because its not a normal thing to think about because the most obvious choice is made right there in front of us but sometimes the most simplest choice could be the worst you made. Just like hero’s or people who we look up to have made difficult choices but that is what defines them as people. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!! And go Seahawks woooooooooooo


One thought on “Choices

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