Letting Go

Letting people go or forgetting about them is one of the most hardest things to do in life. Choosing of who you should be around and who you should stay away. Sometimes its obvious because you see the red flags of why this person isn’t right for you and at other times, it is very hard to see or is very deceiving. Its a choice that is forced upon us whether we like it or not and that choice cares weight. This makes us think too much or try to foresee the future but in reality no one can’t predict the future. Each day is a new beginning. Worrying more about the future than the present is a good way to make you confused or paranoid. Leaving people might be the only choice in certain situations but if that person is really close to you, then you will see them again and on better cercamstancies to. Its a win win situation but it comes down to timing and being patient. I have experinced this but i have faith that we will meet up later but i just got to be living my life and to better myself as a person. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! And always remeber to stay true to yourself.


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