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Mistakes and The Past

Mistakes are very common and we do them so much to the point that we dont realize them. Its also easy ro let these mistakes haunt us and let them dictate  of how we live on a normal bases. The past works in a similar way because most dont know or recognize of what they do in the present is actually controlled by what they did in the past. This needs to stop because we shouldn’t act like the past controls. Yea it happen but its time to move on because that is how life works. Some people stay and some go. We can try to fight it but its best to let it go. Tge good thing about the past isc that it teaches us of what we dud and how we cannot do that in the future but it is also hard to perdict the future because each day is a new and we should treat it like that. Let all your worry and sadness be for today but dont carry them on to tomorrow. Im not that person who has experinced everything in life but i see it and i watch it, and the world is fascinating but it us also cruel but its those few who are strong that can overlook look it and be on there best everyday without being told how to feel or what to be. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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