Seventh Lion (Morale)

Seventh Lion Clan
Seventh Lion Clan

So the Seventh Lion is a group of people who are leaders, and not just any kind of leaders but inspirational leaders. They stand for good and never leave anyone behind or judge of who they are as a person. There might be all types of groups out there but the one thing that separates the seventh lion crew from them is Honesty. Honesty creates trust and that is hard to find now in days but we always need that person to have are back, even at are worst times in life, its goid to have that person there to pick you up on your feet and encourage you to keep on going. We sometimes get caught up in yhe world of “Whats new and cool” or “insecuritys”. The Seventh Lion is a reminder to let us know that we are all unique in are very own different ways and we shouldn’t let people dictate that. The Seventh Lion crew us a prime example of getting the best people who are the underdogs in are today’s society. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


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