The Right Moment

Sometimes the right moment can be very deceiving. It may look like you have the moment because everything seems to be going ur way but that’s how deception works and its fun when ur sucked into to it but when u fail, it really hurts ur heart and it might change you to be stronger but it is always good to know the difference between them. When i stutter, i usually think im in the right moment to talk but on most cases that’s no tge case because my stutter interferes but i learn from and get better at it. The thing with moments is that it is always happening 24/7 and they will never stop until mankind is destroyed or gone but until that, dont revolve your life around one moment because u got so many far more ahead. And a ‘ll ways be cautious of what thst moment means cause it has a chance to change ur life if u want it or not but that’s the fun part about growing. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!


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