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Trying New Things

These couple weeks I have been going to this youth group for bible study and i didnt think it would be good but it is. I was procrastinating if i should do it for years and i finally had the courage to step out if my confront zone and be around people who are similar and have the same idea as me. Looking back when i was scared to try anything new seems kind of funny because you gotta step out of your comfort zone or do somthing that you normally wouldn’t do to get that full experience of life. Were not going to live forever so there is no point of sheltering yourself from somthing you never did or try, but dont do anything stupid because im pretty sure you want a healthy steady life than a raunchy, trashy life. The key ingredient and the only thing is courage and that can be broken down to many things but its the basic and everyone can do this but it will be different for everyone but on the good side, you have a blast. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!


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