Tomorrows Always A New Day

I am starting to not to worry about the small stuff because i know its like a Tick on my shoulder. If you take the moment to think of somthing that makes u feel super comftorable then you will notice the difference of how you feel. Also your confidence will be higher, and you might have a different outlook on the world. This is different for everyone and I wont lie to you because telling the truth is easier and the best medicine to get somthing off your mind. Me as stutter i believe that one day I will overcome my stuttering and i can be more of a mentor to others who have stuttering or any other speech impenement, but it all starts with me and me overcoming. Everyone has there special talent or gift and they can be mentors or contribute to help others because we all need someon err to have are back. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “Tomorrows Always A New Day

  1. Regardless of how each effort works out, you should always feel good about your courage in trying, and you should only be disappointed if you have not given it a try. And each time you try, memorise the good bits and discard the bad bits. Then, before your next try, revisit and visualise the good bits again. After a while, those good bits will become normal. I have had a stutter since I was four, but by my teens it was very much better, and I used that same philosophy. I always visualised how I wanted the result to be, and then I would act as if what I visualised was normal for me. I am now 52 and whilst I still have some less than desired results, these are now rare, and I do quite a bit of public speaking. You sound like you can overcome any obstacle, so go for it, people are very accommodating, and they will reward you for trying! Keep going, and keep talking about it.

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    1. I really like your philosophy Nolsie, I believe all of us stuttering and non should look at life more in your perspective. I used to always tell myself, “I’m never going to get anywhere in life, or be married and have children all because of this stutter”. I’m happy to say that is no longer the case, actually quite the contrary. I’m meeting and exceeding my goals that I have for myself, and I have someone really special that loves me regardless of a speech impediment. With time stuttering becomes less and less of a big deal, thus allowing you to not wig out as much when you have that difficult moment. Surrounding yourself with positive people, is in my opinion, the first step to feeling confident in your abilities. Thank you for the wonderful comment Nellie!

      I know I haven’t been able to put up your reward yet on our awards page, but I’ll get to it as soon as I can I’ve had some family emergencies that have preoccupied my focus. I’ll get them up soon though promise 🙂


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