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New Referee Toy

Microsoft BandOn Saturday I had a soccer match where I debuted my new signing, the Microsoft Band. This was the very first time I was actually using the Run feature, but didn’t know you must have your Microsoft phone “On” in order for the GPS to be located. Least I know now for my next game. The weather in Washington is bipolar for lack of a better word, it was sunny in the morning, then the sun turned into clouds, which turned into rain, then back to clouds, and rain…it was very indecisive weather let me tell you. Since I’ve now brought you up to speed on Washington’s wacky weather, let’s get back to football!

Being the Center Referee means you carry the whole game on your shoulders. You are in charge of disciplinary action, making sure your AR’s are safe, and above all making sure the Laws of the Game are followed to the letter. Game wise it was U-11 boys so no real craziness but quite a few signs from various players of true potential for the future. Will they go pro? We’ll see. Now, my AR called a very good offsides call, and this soccer mom literally lost it. She’s marching up to my AR and I give her the classic “Stink-eye”, she went back to where she was standing, and I gave a fist bump and I pat on the back to my AR. The conclusion of the match was no fouls called (first time ever!), and a 9-0 victory, and at least 20 different weather systems thanks to living in Washington.

I was able to record my results from my match in the pictures below:

Splits on Microsoft Band Data from first run with Microsoft Band

– James


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