Faith or Evidents

Faith or Evidence

The title might be a little too strong but its a choice we have on a daily basis. Evident are the hardcore facts of life which tell you truth, if you like it or not. Faith is all about you. Its topic weather you trust yourself than trusting someone else. Faith isn’t brought up alot because we have consequences which dictate weather your actions were good or bad and what is the effect its going to have on the world or the people around you, but it gives a opportunity to let people in and people who u trust alot give u alot of respect because you dont let the world govern your life. But again it all depends on your choice and what you do with that and that my friend is the power of Free Will and yes will be making mistakes along the way but that’s the fun part of growing, also evidents kind of work with faith so it all depends og how u look at it too, as always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!


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