Word Around Town


So i guess are blog is getting noticed which i have to say is honestly surprising cause me and my amigo just did this to help those or encourage but people want to help spread the word which i think is awesome and amazing. Im happy to be apart of this group to be able to spread the word. Its actually fun to share your experince with others or inform others about stuttering and how it affects us on a daily basis but to also spread that this is not thr end but the beginning of somthing new. Its not about the destination but its about the journey and i dont know how far this blog will go but im pretty sure the whole world will know about us. Opportunity are all around us but its about being patient and cautious of what we or you will do and if it will affect the people around you because believe it or not, everyone is connected to someone in a way. It just takes that somebody to step up to take that action. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!


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