Catching The Moment

This week has been a little but ot was cool at the same time. My psychology teacher was like Master Yoda and gave us some wise words to remeber and use when we take test or just do stuff in our daily lifes. Also I went zombie hunting with few guys and it was intense but it tested are true ability for teamwork. Although we had a couple hickups in our formation we stilled survived with a impressive record. Also my stuttering was gone the whole time because I was so afraid and focused and that felt good. To finally have a break from stuttering and to realize what actually causes me to stutter. It was a intense day but we had fun and we might do it again which would be awesome. Also i have a few post about the Seventh Lion which is going to be awesome and to spread the word about stuttering because believe or not, a lot of people still have no knowledge of stuttering so we need to inform them. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!


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