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Wonderful News

Axiom At The University of Illinois
Photo Source – Axiom At The University of Illinois

The title suggests something more extravagant, such as a baby on the way or something that makes you spit coffee (or tea) out your nose. No mine is just about grades from college.

Ever since I turned in my math final to the secretary, I’ve been nervously checking my school’s “Check My Grades” tab to see what my course grade was. After chewing the nail on my right pinkie I saw it. I FLIPPING PASSED MATH CLASS!!! Sorry still dealing with the excitement coursing through my veins. I know everyone talks about, “I just got blah on my math test, well that was easy”. For me honestly I wished I could just look at a test or quiz, scribble the answers down, and carry on with the rest of my day. That’s not the case with me, tests and quiz’s cause me anxiety and stress but this year its been a little better. I’ve been doing my breathing exercises, and listening to classical music the night before a test (which really calms me down). For the first time in forever I passed all of my math tests which used to be the toughest mountain I had to climb, always taunting in its sheer magnitude and sharp angles. However, on this day, June 6th, 2015, I passed my math final and can now relax and finally get back to reading my new book that my Dad got from a work friend.

I apologize for not posting a whole lot on this site, I have some draft posts that I’ve written over these past few days, lots of them are poems which I’ve noticed have disappeared for quite some time. Well you’re in luck, they’re coming back! Have a wonderful summer everyone enjoy the sun!

– James


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