Drivers License Test (passed it)


Today I took an hour practice before my driving test. Suffice it to say I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night, as I kept tossing and turning unsure of my result in the following morning. Morning came I tried to calm myself down by doing some deep breathing exercises, but it didn’t help. I was eating my Belvita, drinking my tea locked into my test. Then I got in the car and went with my Mom to the driving school, since I was too nervous to drive there.


The start of the practice test was pretty relaxed, and I was turning perfectly. The major problem I have is with depth perception, which means backing around the corner and parallel parking. Thus brings me to my practice run of both of those obstacles and the result, to my disbelief was pretty dang good!


Now comes the fun part, the actual test. I’ll admit I was at this point nervous as all hell. I went to the bathroom before I went out to the driving instructor’s car, and proceeded to tell myself, “You will get your license no ifs ands or buts, got it? Good”. As I sat in the car I kept replaying the episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants and how he never passes his driving test, not really a good analogy however it got me thinking if SpongeBob can succeed then so can I! There I was doing my utmost best and trying my hardest to pass, and by the stroke of luck I PASSED MY DRIVERS TEST. Even now reflecting back to earlier today, I’m not only proud of myself but I’m glad my sister watches SpongeBob in the mornings.


– James


9 thoughts on “Drivers License Test (passed it)

  1. Congratulations James πŸ˜€ I can never parallel park neatly. My car always is a little away from being in the straight line. Since that is not a big deal in India (where parallel parking is seen very very rarely) I am good.

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