Stuttering in Public

My grandma showed me a video on a show called “America Hot Talent” and there was this guy called Drew Lynch who is a comedian, but the catch is that he stutters. He was still funny and he was ashamed or scared of being on live TV Stuttering. He is a inspiration because Im sure he knows that people criticize and laugh at people with speech implements, but he still went up there and made those funny jokes knowing that he was going to stutter and not caring of being embarrassed because he was being himself.

His stuttering actually started by him having a concussion after a accident and from there he has stuttered. I think this shows that anything can happen to you and your not above anyone else because were all in the same boat. We all have flaws but that is what makes us of who we are. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “Stuttering in Public

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