Down Time

We all have those moments when u feel like things are going south or that everyone or one specific person dosen’t  like being around you, but real qustion is if its true? 99 percent of the time its a lie because ur mind is playing tricks with you. The more you meditate or think about somthing you will believe it and it will control your life especially ifv its somthing bad or terrible. Are minds are more powerful than we think they are, but as all things in life you have a choice to believe in that. There isn’t a cure for people who are depressed or basically for sadness becauseb its human nature but there is always somthing positive out there, and i mean always, you just gotta get out of the state you are. The world is a dark place but there is light in the right places. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Down Time

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