A New Perspective of Myself

A New Perspective of Myself
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Hello everyone, for this quarter of college I’m taking classes that aren’t as taxing as my math and science courses were. Yep you guessed it, low-key courses.

My courses include, American Civil War history (easy for me!), Microsoft Excel, and Sociology of the Family (very interesting!). Allow me to explain my thoughts and experiences briefly after my first week.

For my American Civil War class it’s a history buff’s paradise, plus I already know the pre, during, and post war elements that we will be discussing. Not to brag but my history professor said, “James, you already know this stuff don’t you”? Smiling, “Of course, it’s my favorite period and era in America”! Which makes it more easier for me to answer questions when they are asked since I already know the era and what happens when.

Microsoft Excel is an interesting class for me as there’s no real tests’ or quiz’s, just input and save basically. What I really like about the class is everyone is about at the same level computer skill wise, which is perfectly fine with me. However, as everyone was introducing their names and intended major’s/programs on the first day of class, me and another guy from UW were the only majors who weren’t accounting or marketing based. Especially when I said my intended major is Sociology she gave me the “huh”? look and asked, “transfer right”? I nodded my head. So far the class is going alright, just quite a bit of work to manage although I have high hopes I’ll manage.

I’ve always enjoyed sociology and psychology classes, and this one really interests me. For starters it’s about the inner workings of a family structure, also it deals with understanding relationships and intimacy. Listening to the experiences of my classmates in regards to previous relationships I discovered that they were parallel to my own. Yesterday I grew the courage to share one of my personal stories with the class, of course omitting names and so forth. Afterwards when I was leaving the classroom I couldn’t help feeling a weight being lifted from my shoulders, as if that experience was now gone, leaving me with a new perspective of myself. The perspective of confidence.

– James


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