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Looks may be Deceiving

Looks may be Decieving

In my history class which I explained in this post, I’ve befriended a guy who both of us share something in common, blindness.

We were discussing the test that we took on Thursday yesterday and what we got respectively, then he told me something that fascinated me. He’s a numbers guy and really loves math. At the mention of this I threw out some battlefield statistics of the Battle of Chickamauga since that’s what we were discussing in class, with a snap of a finger he responded with the percentages for dead wounded and captured. I was astonished at his ability to do that that fast! He told me after class that, “Most people find it weird that a blind guy really enjoys math, but I enjoy it and that’s what really matters.”

Today after class he made a bold move, to ask a girl out that he really likes in our class. His major worry was that she wouldn’t like him because he’s completely blind, I assured him that it doesn’t matter how well you see its about if they can see past that. So he prepped himself and walked her over to a more private area, asked, and came smiling back to me exclaiming, “She said yes!” at least ten times in pure jubilation. After giving him a congratulatory hug, I teared up a bit.

We should all remember this as we interact with each other. Don’t judge a book by its cover, or more importantly, looks may be deceiving.

– James


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