Anger and Rage

Its typical for us to get irritated and annoyed at stuff, and its also normal for us to Anger because its human nature. Anger is mostly caused by people because some people do some stupid and nonsense stuff. Anger is more internal than external, its literally ur mind reacting to what is happening and what ur thinking of and yea it does irritate you if you let that anger settle. As all things there us a cause and a effect and in most cases when your really angry you tend to tell it how it is without giving a damn who likes it or not, but there is the peaceful way which is talking it out and being really calm. Especially when it comes to stuttering, you either gear the person being stuck on a word or they speak really fluently, their is no middle part when anger and stuttering mix together. Also it can very emotional especially to a person who is very quiet and calm. Anger is a state of a feeling and it is not a personality trait which stays with you. Remeber life isn’t hard, its just the choices you make that could make ur life simple or complicated

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