Christmas, College, Vacation, and a New Year

I haven’t been posting since I’ve been finishing finals for college and Christmas was coming up fast. Also I just returned from a vacation with my family. To quickly catch you all up, my grades were more than I expected for this quarter, I got all 4.0’s! Overall, I’d say despite some obstacles of frustration that have come up with blocks, I have been managing them as of late which has boosted my confidence in myself.

How was your Christmas, who did you spend it with? Since it’s the New Year, what did you do to celebrate? My Christmas was spent with family, and I just stayed home for New Year’s Eve no crazy parties for me.

Speaking of my vacation, here is a video I made from my trip UP and DOWN the Astoria Column in Astoria, Oregon:

– James


11 thoughts on “Christmas, College, Vacation, and a New Year

  1. Congratulations on the grades! Had a quiet Christmas with a couple of folks coming by….New Years was spent in front of the TV watching all the fire works shows across the world! I once saw a fire works show in Perth for New Years…..I’ve seen others when globe trotting for the Navy….Now, I do it from the comfort of my home. It was so clear, I was even able to see the local show from my home which is rare this time of year!

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    1. That’s very cool …the Island Girl! my Dad was in the Navy, he spent alot of his tour in Asia around Japan, he even brought back a samurai sword! Yeah it was freezing in Seattle so we just watched them from home, problem with our fireworks though is they are never synched with the music lol! Great to hear everything went well!

      – James


      1. Hmmm….I thought they were very insynch, this year. I watched them, too! Enjoyed them very much! We’re heading for a slight warming trend and it’s game day! Had a photo shoot up on Deception Pass Bridge, yesterday. It was a Seahawks Rally with the northern Hawkers organization! Great weather and tons of fun. I’ll be working those up for a post today….

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              1. You are right. I replicated the same thing by copy/pasting into my browser and got the same thing, yet if I just go to my site and click the hyper links on the front page, it works. I wonder why……It does suggest some things below, though….I clicked on those and it worked. I think maybe the menu page I put it on is perhaps not recognized. I’m going to troubleshoot that further…..May need to move to another theme that supports my Fan Fare “page.” In the meantime, go to my site….It’s there on the right side menu bar. That works. I test that when I publish.

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              2. I just tested out the other posts in that “page” and they all do that. When I copy/paste into the browser. I believe it’s because that page is not supported like a real page is. Another way to navigate the site is those tabs under my tag line *The FOOLosopher’s Take, Fan Fare, etc….) all do work. They are drop down menus with my posts under them.

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                1. Sorry for the rather late reply my psychology teacher just dumped a load of homework on us this evening, I just got through with it. I just tested it, and it works! 🙂 Awesome post if I may say so myself!

                  – James


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