Realizing The Change

I already talked about how change can affect someone’s life but now its about realizing the change of tge people around you. Acknowledging the choices or options that lay ahead of you as an indivisual because ur choices are over the group. Realizing the kind of people who ur associated with and if there changing or not in their own lives affect you as a person to how you live as a person; are you a person who progresses through life by being comftorable with the uncomfortable or are you a statue that just stayed there in their current position without change. Now if ur a individual with no friends or family then your choices are simply guided by destiny, which means you write your own story without someone trying to edit it (if that makes any sense).

Some might disagree with this but we as a human race disagree with alot of stuff but alot of it is associate with human nature which is a curve line between what is always true and what is always false. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!! also I might continue this idea because as a society we are in dire of understanding to the things that are happening psychologically.


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