Choosing Friends

As years go by, you slowly find out who your true friends are. The good thing about being young is that you can do y he most idiotic stuff and get away with it but the purpose behind that ideology is that your expected to get that out of your system and when you grow up, you become more mature. Sadley thats not the case half of the time because some cant or wont mature up due to various reasons that make sense half of the time. This is an act that had been happening for hundreds of years with mixed reactions. But through all of the drama you know who your friends are who stuck with you to the end and who accept and can tolerate you. Thats somthing that is so special that no one can understand except for you snd ur friend. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!

One thought on “Choosing Friends

  1. That’s very true, sometimes we lose friends and gain new ones in the process. Typically those who have seen both your highs and lows are the ones who would do anything for you, and that is what a true friend will always do, no matter the consequences.

    – James


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